’92 Ford Taurus won’t start when hot

I have a ’92 Taurus that won’t even try to start when engine is warmed up. It won’t click or anything when I turn the key – like a dead battery. BUT when I wait an hour or longer until the engine cools down, it starts right up. Any suggestions??

Nothing even clicks when I turn the key until I wait long time then starts right up.

Answer: First thing to check then is the battery. They can act differently when they are hot from the underhood temperatures.

You could also have a faulty starter solenoid. Some testing will need to be done to see if the solenoid is getting power from the ignition and also sending power to the starter.

Ford Fiesta Won’t Crank Over

Hi, after my battery on my Ford Fiesta 1.4 zetec 2007 went dead all i had was the crank noise which died out and started to click, so got a jump and now say high engine temp and no clicking or cranking. Changed the relay by the battery and still nothing. Any ideas? Was fine before got drained because of car stereo.

Answer: If after the jump start of your battery there is no longer any clicking and now the dash says temperature high, it sounds like you may have blown a fuse or fried some wiring. This can happen when jump starting, especially if you accidentally touched positive to ground and got a spark. I would first check all the fuses.