Ford Taurus No Power Steering After Rack And Pump Replaced

Can you tell me what else I need to do to fix my 2003 ford Taurus I replaced the rack and pinion and the power steering pump on it and the wheel is still hard to turn

Answer: I assume you replaced these parts to fix a no power steering problem?

But, if you replaced the rack and pump for, say, a leak and now this no power steering problem started after these parts were replaced, then you got a bad part.

If this was the original problem and neither part helped, then you may have a steering or suspension component binding up.

You could have a froze tie rod, ball joint or strut mount not allowing the steering to turn freely. Get the front end of your Ford Taurus off the ground, disconnect the outer tie rod ends on each side and see if you can manually turn each front wheel by had. If one one them will not or is very hard compared to the other side, then that side is where the problem is.