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Fluid leak on your car or truck? Find answers to some common problems. Expert auto mechanics give free help and advice to your questions.

1993 Ford Ranger Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly

Ford Ranger the line going from the side of the clutch master cylinder down to the transmission. It is leaking at the point where the line is attached to the…

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Ford Taurus Power Steering Pump Leak

2000 Ford Taurus replaced power steering pump now leaking at hose. Have installed the Teflon ring and neoprene o ring. When we tighten the compression nut to the pump we…

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Dodge coolant leak water pump?

Need to know if I in fact have a bad water pump. Answer: The most common problem caused by a bad water pump is that it is leaking and the…

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Chevy Lumina Backfires And Hard Starting

I have a Chevy Lumina APV and I am not sure as to where the ground wire is located? Also I am having issues trying to figure out what is…

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My Dodge Is Knocking – Intrepid Transmission Problem – Neon Smokes

Dodge Engine Knocking Live Chat: I need help on a 318 that started knocking, then I shut it. Off then pulled the plugs added some Marlves let it sit for…

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