Jeep Power Steering Groan – Mounts

My car groans only every time I turn and I see some leakage on the road from where I was parked. What is this and can I go a few days without taking it to the shop? I also feel kind of a vibrating under my foot on the brake when I’m stopped (Jeep).

ANSWER: Depending on how big the fluid spot is, you can wait a few days.

Just be sure to check all your fluid levels if you cant determine what the fluid is. Try to determine if it is engine oil, power steering fluid or trans. fluid. Dirty transmission fluid can look like oil Check all your levels.

If you have a groan in the steering,then that would be the first thing to check. Low fluid will cause a groan, especially when turning the wheel. If the power steering fluid gets too ,ow, it can cause air to get into the system and cause the power steering to go out, the fluid will get foamy and the pump will whine. This type of noise can also give the vibration you are describing. although many other things can cause that.

You could have a bad engine mount or just a rough idle or both. A worn engine mount will cause the engine vibration to travel into the frame of the vehicle and then can be felt in the floor, steering wheel or brake pedal.

Transmission Mount Vibration

No CEL, idles fine, no sound of vacuum leak, no oil pressure loss, no overheating. Bad motor mounts and transmission mount. Car has loss of power through all gears, and different exhaust sound. Also vibration possibly caused by changing propshaft angle. Am i correct in thinking my issues are caused by bad mounts? I can physically push up on the transmission mount and it will move.

ANSWER: The vibration would be caused by the bad mounts, but not the loss of power. I think the fact that you say the exhaust sounds different is the key to your problem. Sounds like you have a plugged catalytic converter.