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  1. Amy

    I have a 98 GMC Sonoma that has an intermittent problem. The fuel gauge when I turn the key will read proper level the drop to Empty and will not start at that point. At some point something kicks in and the gauge reads again and it will start. Have replaced the ignition wiring harness, the fuel pump and fuel pump wiring harness and cleaned the ground in the back of the truck. Any suggestions on to correct this problem???

  2. John M.

    I just bought a 1985 Ford Bronco for 1,000.00 so i know there are bound to be some issues, it does run and drive, however when i got it on the highway to take it home i noticed when i got up around 45mph it started to make a popping noise that continued to get worse the faster i went. It almost sounds like its backfiring under hood near the driver side, its also bogged down at higher speeds i had trouble passing a trucker that was doing about 65 to 70 on a slight up hill. I don’t know much about vehicles at all but it almost seemed like it was misfiring or something. The guy i bought it from recently added a new carb and distributor cap, he said he may have put the wires to cap on wrong. Sorry I’m bad at this. Any ideas?

  3. Norman

    I have a 2000 gmc z71 4wd I have an itermitton roar coming from my truck there is nothing stuck in wheel or wheel well. What else could be problem?

  4. Joe

    I have a 2004 Chev Suburban. Power steering when turning to the right at slow speeds is very sluggish, slightly better at higher speeds. No problems when turning left. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?

  5. Annie

    I may sound like a dumb girl here….
    I have a 97 silverado half ton. Last night all of a sudden there was noise from the drive train. I pulled over and looked and the driveshaft started to rub on the frame?! The truck hasnt been through any rough terrain as of late…
    This morning I pulled off the driveshaft and the U-joints look to be in good shape still(I will change them anyways seeing as its off and they are getting pretty old) but now I am completly confused!

    Has anyone else had troubles with this.

    Second question, when I pulled the driveshaft off there is some oil leaking from the tranny. is this just some reserve fluid or is this all of my tranny fluid comming out? I’m right in the middle of haying and if im not going to damage the truck by driving with out the rear driveshaft for a couple days that would be perfect.

    Sorry for sounding like a total girl, thanks in advance for the help!

  6. Rafael

    Ford F150 2000 Lobo
    Won’t start after sitting. I have to jump it. then it is fine until it sits for a while.
    No lights are left so I can’t figure out what is going on.

  7. jmerrill

    199 GMC Sierra 4wheel dr.= tranny works for about 2 minutes then quits working. after shutting off engine and waiting about 2 minutes tranny works again for about 2minutes and on and on.

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