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2001 Ford F150 Triton Loss Of Power

My 2001 ford f150 Supercrew with the 5.4 triton v8 has a loss of power and the engine is running rough I believe both catalytic converters are plugged. Answer: Any…

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1993 Ford Ranger Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly

Ford Ranger the line going from the side of the clutch master cylinder down to the transmission. It is leaking at the point where the line is attached to the…

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Ford Explorer XLT check engine ON code P0106

I have Ford Explorer model XLT 2009  4.0L-V6, my problem is check engine light ON. After Computer test appears ( code P0106 ). I read about P0106 code. that mean…

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1999 Lincoln Town Car Multiple Warning Lights

Recently, my car battery went bad, my boyfriend put in a temporary battery until I could get new one. Today, my car died, so we got it jumped off. It…

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Ford Taurus No Power Steering After Rack And Pump Replaced

Can you tell me what else I need to do to fix my 2003 ford Taurus I replaced the rack and pinion and the power steering pump on it and…

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