Ford Truck Wont Rev Up | Rear Suspension Blocks

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger 3.0. Recently replaced dfpv, old one burned up, also replaced hoses. The engine idles rough when cold for about 20 seconds then smooths out.

Engine won’t Rev beyond 3000 rpm. At that point the engine will shake as if starving for fuel. Truck drives normally around town and at hi way speed. Won’t Rev past 3000 rpm in park.

ANSWER: Not sure what a dfpv is on a Ford Ranger. Typo? I would first scan the computer for trouble codes, even if the check engine light is not on. If none, then check your fuel pressure. Next check to make sure the EGR valve is not opening too easily when you rev it up in park. It should not open very much when raising the engine RPM in park. If it does, then this will cause the the fuel / air mixture to be way too lean. That would make it seem like engine is starving for fuel as you describe.

An EGR valve can come on too quick because it is weak, or more likely the solenoid that supplies vacuum to it is faulty. Ford trucks are known for this. They also almost always set a computer code. If the solenoid has a code, just replace it. They are not Very expensive.

Ford F-150 Rear Suspension Question

I have a 2016 F-150 and it has 2 rear blocks on each side and I wanted to know what they are for and if they could be taken out. Do all trucks have rear blocks?

ANSWER: That depends on where these blocks are located. Are they on the rear springs? Does the truck sit higher in the rear than other same Ford F-150? If you bought the truck used, someone may have raised the suspension on it. People are always adding aftermarket equipment to trucks. If this is what you are talking about,m then yes, they can be removed. Just be sure there is now enough clearance between the tires / wheels and the fenders since many times people will put a larger tire on a truck that has been lifted.

If these are rear suspension lift blocks, then there are probably the same thing for the front suspension.

If you bought the truck brand new, then it is a factory suspension component. Possible a different suspension option than a stock truck. You can call the dealer with your VIN number and they would be able to tell you, or even give you a print out of the build options for your truck.