Chevy S10 pickup truck wont start

My truck started up when backed up to leave it died and will not start. I think it may be the fuel pump because I tried and tried and I never smelled any gas at all.
Anyway it is stuck at this store parking lot and I had drove about 4 miles to that store with not any trouble. So is’s their any kind of way you may could pin point what it sounds like without saying:” it could be a number of things”?

Answer: in order to give an answer other than- it could be a number of things, we would need some more information to narrow it down. An engine needs 3 things to run- fuel, ignition and compression. If any of these is missing, there could be several reason for that for either problem..

Just because you say you THINK your Chevy S-10 pickup truck it is not getting any gas does not help. You need to confirm that. You will need to get a fuel pressure gauge and install it on the pressure tap on the fuel rail under the hood and check the fuel pressure. This engine needs at least 55 PSI of pressure for the Votec V6 or it wont start. If there is no fuel pressure, you could just have a blown fuse, bad fuel pump relay, bad fuel pump or wiring anywhere in the truck. Use a test light at the fuel pump connector purple wire and check for power when the key is turned on and when cranking. If you do have power to the pump but still no fuel pressure, then check continuity of the ground wire to chassis ground. If that is good, you have a bad fuel pump. Wo could also pound on the bottom center of the fuel tank while cranking- this will sometimes free up a stuck fuel pump in a Chevy S-10 to at least get it to start- but it may not last.

Check for spark. We need to know if there is spark at the spark plugs. Use a spark tester on several plugs. If no spark, a common problem is a bad crank position sensor. It could also be a bad ignition coil or ignition control module, but is could also be a wiring problem under the hood.

If your Chevy S-10 pickup has spark and proper fuel pressure, next we need to know if the engine has compression. You will need a compression tester to check for that. Remove a few of the spark plugs, install the gauge and check compression. Also check compression differences between cylinder. If no compression on any or a large difference between several then the timing chain may have broke or jumped a tooth.

How’s that?

Chevy S-10 Code P0200

Had a P0200 (open injector circuit) code thrown earlier in the day but continued to drive with no issues. Also the check engine light went off with continued driving. Later in the evening, hopped in the truck and put it in reverse. Halfway down the driveway the truck just died/stalled out. I was able to get the engine to turn over a few times but idled rough and died out. Headlights come on until I put key into the on position. Now I’m getting absolutely no turnover. Any ideas? Please help! Any questions you have please ask.

ANSWER: The code P0200 would not cause the truck to stall unless it is the 4 cylinder engine with 2 injectors on the throttle body, and now won’t even crank or start. Sounds like you currently have a bad battery and / or alternator. The injector code may still be a problem, but without it starting, that is a secondary issue. After you get the truck started, see if code comes back. If it does, you will need to use an ohm meter to test the resistance of the injectors. One may be bad.

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