1991 GMC Sonoma baby gas pedal till up to speed

I have a 1991 GMC Sonoma, 2.8 liter TBI engine, 5 speed, 81,000 miles that bogs downs when you give it gas you can baby the gas pedal to get up to speed but its still not quite right. This is more severe in cold weather than warm but there is still some what the same problem when warm. This is what I have done so far and problems

1. takes several cranks to start
2. High idle for short period on startup
3. No power on level ground and going up hills you need to downshift and baby gas pedal when the is engine warm or cold no difference.
4. You can drive the truck if you know how to get it up to speed.
5. No issues on idle sounds good, no stalling only if you hit the gas pedal
1. Fuel injectors
2. Plugs, wires, distributor. cap, rotor, Map Sensor, TB Sensor, Temp. Sensor, O2 sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter.

Answer: Check the throttle body for excessive carbon buildup. But, it really sounds like you have a bad EGR valve. If the valve is opening too soon or is stuck always open this will cause a severe lean condition, thus the engine bogs down. This would be more prevalent when cold since a cold engine needs more fuel- not less.

You can stick a finger under the valve and feel for the diaphragm to see if it moves up when you give it gas. If not, then it is stuck and needs to be replaced.