2005 Chevy Equinox Blower Motor Speed Problems

2005 Chevrolet Equinox, starts up but when I put it in gear, it is in overdrive. Turn it off then restart it, it works fine for a while, then does the same thing again at a stop sign or light.

Mechanic JK:
what makes you think it is in overdrive?

That’s what it seems. Hit the gas and it is like a slipping clutch(auto) until it builds speed. Put it in park and the gear light jumps repeatedly from P to R and the door locks and unlocks.

This sounds like an electrical problem in the park / neutral switch. The switch seems to be giving the shift indicator some erratic signals. Need to have the computer scanned for codes. May be a shift solenoid problem or the park neutral switch.

ok thanks jk i o u a big 1!!!! Also, AC blower works sometimes, sometimes it don’t. Fuses are good.

Does it not work at all when it is acting up, or just a few speeds stop working?

Compressor kicks on but the blower does not work for a day or two, then it will start working again for a day or two, perfectly.

Sounds like a problem in the blower motor. Would need to use a test light at the blower motor connector when it is not working to make sure you have power in, and ground out. Unplug it and put test light with one end in one terminal, and the other end of test light in other terminal. The light should light up. If it does- bad motor.

I have traced all the wires that I can without taking the dash out, I cant find a short any where. When it starts working is when I first start it up. When not working, it is getting no juice, I have tested it. Is there something other than a fuse for the blower?

Hold on a second while I look at a schematic… This is actually a pretty involved circuit. The HVAC BLOWER relay in the dash fuse block could be sticking, the blower resistor could be shorted, the control head could have a problem, the BCM(Body Control Module) could have a problem, or any wiring in between- this also means the actual fuse boxes in the dash and under the hood. Circuits from the fuses, relay, resistor etc go through these 2 fuse boxes. Would need to do some testing as it is acting up. Voltage checks in and out of fuse boxes, BCM, resistor, etc.

That sounds pretty involved, I could keep you busy for hours answering my questions but I wont ask anymore, tonight. You have been a great help, thanks. Where can I get a schematic.

Well, to get a schematic, you could use some of the online sources, but you need to pay for a subscription- Motors Manuals, Chilton’s, etc. I have access the GM schematics, but these are copyrighted materials. Could also try the local library, or even the dealer. Sometimes a Tech will print out a schematic for you if you ask a guy nicely.

2006 Chevy Equinox

 Air-bag light stays on is there a fuse or senor I can replace and can you tell me were it is. The car was not hit.

To properly diagnose the vehicle for you, I would need to know what code is stored in the airbag system. There are multiple sensors, deployment loops, air bags, modules, etc in your vehicle so I can’t just tell you something to replace without knowing the problem.

How or were do I find that out do I HAVE TO GO TO THE DEALER.

Unless you have a capable scanner, you would have to visit a dealership so they can pull the codes for you.

OK. Thank you.

You’re welcome, glad to help!