Buick Lesabre Blower Motor Only Has High And Low Speeds

Picture of a melted blower motor resistor assembly on GM trucks.

2000 Buick Lesabre. My blower has only been working on low and high for a while, nothing in between, and i do not have power to the resistor on any settings except low and high, but now my blower does not work at all and the cruise light is on, sometimes if I’m playing with the control head changing speeds the cruise light will flicker. Any help here? Thanks.

Since the cruise and blower speeds are not related in any way, i would think you have a wiring harness shorted somewhere, or possibly a fuse box problem not giving enough voltage to these systems.
This is a assuming you have checked the power into the resistor correctly. Each speed setting from the control powers a different wire at the resistor.Picture of blower resistor assembly

Well according to my Mitchell diagrams, if I’m reading them right, they both do have a brown wire to them off from the ignition switch, and yes i have check for power at the resistor at each wire and speed, just seems weird if i keep playing with the speed knob sometimes the cruise light will flash or go off on the #2 speed setting, i did pull the a/c control head out and found on pin B that the head was a little melted and i can easily move the connector prong.

Clean up that burned terminal and use a volt meter to check for a voltage change on one of the brown wires while turning the knob- and the cruise light comes on.

ok the control head was bad, because it was not sending out power to the resistor on 2,3,or 4, but the problem that i found actually relates them all (i also noticed auto headlamps, rear defrost would not work) i checked for battery voltage on my fuses instead of just test lighting them, cruise fuse and hvac fuse had only 6 volts, power them up with 12 volts and everything works normal, installed a new ignition switch and all is well, thank you for your help i appreciate.

Air Blows Only From Floor And Defrost

1998 Buick Lesabre limited only get air from defrost and floor vents. Its automatic control. Getting vacuum to the programmer what do I check now?

You will want to check the actuator for the mode control to see if it is changing door positions. If not, and you do have vacuum, then you need a new actuator. If the actuator is moving, but the airflow is not changing, then you have a door that is broken inside the heater case. Actuators are the most common things to go out, but you could have a bad control head that is not changing vacuum positions.