2007 Grand Prix Headlights Keep Going Out

I have a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix and my headlights keep going out.

Mechanic JK
Both sides at the same time? Do you mean the bulbs are burning out, or just they go off.

Both sides at the same time one day they went out for two days and came back on.

OK. Give me a moment to look at a few things…
Do you know if it is just the low beams, or the high beams as well?

Both sides at the same time one day they went out for two days and they came back on. Its just the low beams.

Sounds like the headlight / multifunction switch may be faulty. Try turning the lights on and off very quickly while also wiggling the switch. Sometimes this will cause them to act up.

Do u think its my bcm one mechanic told me that and a couple mechanics told me my multifunction switch im confused.

Let me look at a schematic…
It is possible. No way to tell for sure until it is acting up and circuit diagnostics performed at that time. The switch is more common and doing the procedure i said above is a pretty good test of the switch. There is a also a headlamp relay / module in the under hood fuse box.
How To Check Fuses…
Have seen problems with that on other models. Especially the Chevy Trailblazer and GMC Envoy. It is labeled ” HDM Module ” in the fuse box. Might be a good thing to try one of those. Only costs about $20. The BCM on the other hand is an expensive guess at a few hundred dollars, plus labor to have it programmed.

2002 Chevy Monte Carlo

and my low beams won’t come on after my friend was playing with the settings on the radio. We can’t get them turned back on. Do u know what code we put in the radio or what to gr them back on. Thank you.

There are no settings or adjustments on the radio that will affect the operation of the headlights. The only thing you can change would be approach lighting, or how long they stay on after you turn the key off. Normal operation by the switch or ambient light sensor should still be functional. You have to have some other problem if they are not working normally.

I can drive around all day with my headlights off and the car will start every time but when i turn my headlights on the volt meter drops and the headlights go really dim then it wont start. if i turn the headlights on and off a few times the meter will go back up and the headlights will be bright again but it drops down really fast and goes back to being dim. what could this be caused by? It’s a 1985 Pontiac Trans AM.

Could be something as simple as a bad battery, or something more involved like a wiring problem or short somewhere that is drawing the system down.

2004 Chevy Trailblazer No Low Beams

Checked fuses and relays in the under-the-hood, and rear seat fuse boxes. lights don’t respond unless the sensor on the dash is covered. They don’t come on when locking the truck or unlocking it without covering the on the dash sensor.

This is a very common problem on the Chevy Trailblazer. There is a bad relay/module in the under hood fuse box.

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