Pontiac Grand Prix Knocking Noise- Will Not Crank Over

Yes, I have a 2005 Grand Prix and every time it shifts it makes a slight knocking noise. Shifts sorry.

That’s OK, something like that could be a bad motor or transmission mount. Or, possibly something inside the transmission. Does it do it every up-shift in every gear?

No just once

OK, so is it like right from a stop when it does it?

Yeah and after that its perfectly fine.

Ok, unfortunately that is most likely a bad part inside the transmission. The trans would have to come out and be disassembled to determine the exact problem.

Okay but is the car still drivable?

Yes, you should be able to continue to drive it, but the problem will eventually get worse and you may not have any gears left or the car might not be drivable when it breaks.

But obviously I can get it looked at by a mechanic and they could fix it right?

Yes, absolutely.

Okay so its probably to get it looked at sooner than later.

That type of repair can run over $1000, just so you are aware….and yes, sooner rather than later would be best.

Okay would you suggest me to take it to a Pontiac dealership or what?

Well, there are no more Pontiac dealers left, but any General Motors dealer can fix your car.

Awesome Thank you sooo much.

Your very welcome.

Car Will Not Crank Over

I ran out of fuel, when refueled car will not start, will crank but not kick over? Fuel pump was replaced last year and still turns on when checked but still will not start. I think I may have some air in the line. is there a release valve and where can I locate it. I have a 3.1 v6.

If you ran the car completely out of gas, there is a chance you burned up your fuel pump, new or not. You can try to see if any air is in the system by accessing the test port on the fuel rail. That is located just behind the power steering pump on the fuel rail. If it is running, I would suggest testing fuel pressure. It may not be high enough to start your Pontiac. You also may have sucked up some debre and the fuel filter is now plugged.