2005 Chevy Trialblazer Transmission Not in Gear

I have just replaced the engine in my 2005 Trailblazer. I can move the shifter lever but it will not go into gear. It cranks and idles fine. Engine will rev with the shifter in any position.

You probably left the shift cable off, it may have come disconnected from the transmission.

It’s there and installed.

Or you left the torque converter bolts off, and the engine is spinning but not hooked up to the transmission.

No the 3 bolts are installed.

Did it shift fine before the engine swap? There is really no other reason other than something being left off or not hooked up?

It did. I had the compression problem on this forum.

Well it had to be something you did, the trans isn’t just going to go out like that. I’d recheck all your connections and attaching points. Maybe the transmission electrical connector left off?

I looked for others with the same problem online and there are things discussing sensors on the fan, on the block on the tranny. i just don’t know where or cant even make sense of what these people are trying to say.

Well, I can assure you it is nothing to do with the electronic clutch fan, or the block, assuming you have all your grounds hooked up. You might want to recheck all the electrical connections you took apart to do the swap.

Ok I shall rule those 2 out.

I did get the 4 wheel drive to change over for I can hear it

That’s good, although nothing would have had to come apart or disconnected for the 4WD, so it should be ok either way.

Mechanically the shifter lever moves as it should but its jsut not engaging. Would flashing the computer after checking all the connections do anything

Can you feel the actual detents of the gears as you move the shifter?

And if you have a check engine light on, then yes I’d say scan for codes

Hanes manual does not go into any detail about shifting problems. says take it to a dealer. not option for me. No engine light. i did a scan nothing. Over servicing the transmission?

Alright, here’s the deal, and I’m not trying to sound condescending but it absolutely HAD to be something you did during the swap. Just go recheck everything and I’m sure you’ll find the problem. It has to be something simple like a connector or something missing, etc.

Maybe you crushed a harness between the engine and transmission.

I shall check. Thank you.

2005 Chevy Trailblazer

When I went to start the car the steering wheel was locked the key wouldn’t turn. typically i turn the wheel and un lock the key. I tried that it didn’t work, i turned the wheel as hard as i could and still wouldn’t work. Is there something else i can do?

Is the steering wheel in a locked position? If you have the wheel all the way one direction and it is locked, it can take a great deal of effort to turn it to unlock. That is most likely your problem.

2006 Chevy Uplander

With the code p1811 max adapt and long shift is there anything I can do to fix.

Unfortunately that is a pretty serious transmission code. Usually due to slipping components in the transmission.

2005 Chevy Trailblazer EXT

I started it up this afternoon, after running several errands this morning, and when it started, when I went to put it in to drive it would not shift gears. The shifter won’t budge, not in to R, N, or D. I took the console off. There is a piece ( I need to know the name of it and how to replace it) that sits right under the shifter that has what looks like it works off a spring, because when you press it in, it will shift gears. Help!

Are you saying that the only way to get it out of park is to move this part with the spring? Do you hear any noise or clicking from the shifter area or the brake pedal area when you have the key ON and you press the brake pedal?

No, not any noises. Once I pressed the little silver round thing thats on the spring, I was able to put it in to drive, I went to AutoZone, and they said it was something called the Transmission Cable Detent, but I have not been able to find any information on it online. They also said I’d have to go to a dealership for the part.

OK. It sounds like there is a problem in what is called the Brake Shift Interlock. This could be a blown fuse, a bad brake switch, a solenoid on the steering column, or the solenoid in the shifter that controls the part you are moving to get it out of park. Some electrical testing would need to be done to determine which one is the problem. Either way, any of these parts is a dealer only part. Start by checking all the fuses in the underhood fuse box, then in the box under the drivers side of the second row seats.

Uggg not what I wanted to hear! Am writing all of these down, and will let you know! Thank you!