2005 Trailblazer Transmission problems

I recently had my four wheel checked cause it will not transfer in to 4 hi. But, it will transfer in to 4 lo Only for a little bit though then it turns off? The mechanic could not diagnose this as he said that the problem is somewhere between the modulator under the dash and the transfer case solenoid. He told me to take the solenoid to a Chevy dealer to diagnose exactly where the problem was. But, I could not as it costs too much at the moment. it has been two weeks with my solenoid disconnected.

I am now afoot as my trailblazer will not go into park and when i try to shift into park a horrible grinding/clicking noise occurs (what sounds like on the driver side). I have to use my E-brake to prevent the vehicle from rolling. I tried driving in 1st, 2nd, drive, and reverse the vehicle only revs when i press on the gas pedal. I tried getting the vehicle to drive in 4 wheel hi and lo but obviously the solenoid is not connected so that did not work. I don’t know what this may be. Is it the solenoid or is it the transmission. ps. no signs of transmission problems.

The only inkling of if or when of a transmission problem would be when shifted to drive. i would have to keep my foot on the brake until i knew the engine was fully in gear. I knew i had to do this cause I at times hear a soft thump or the vehicle wiggles or moves as if i can see the engine moving. what can the problem be?

ANSWER: You could have a problem in either the transfer case or the transmission. You describe the problem well, but there is quite a few things it could be. Having that solenoid disconnected should not have lead to any trans problems, but you never know.

The fact that it does not go into reverse or drive gears properly could be that the shifter cable has come loose, is stretched or is binding. Also check the connector on the drivers side of the transmission near here the shift cable attaches. We have had problems with melted electrical connectors.

Any of these problems ill prevent the 4WD system from working properly because the transmission needs to be in the proper gear for the 4WD to even think about engaging.

Aside from these things, Unfortunately, this is probably going to be an expensive repair. I would highly recommend taking it to a Chevy Dealer for proper diagnosis. You don’t want other shop mechanics guessing at parts and costing you even more money.

Chevy Trailblazer Will Not shift

Help….my son is college student in Tallahasse Florida and he just called saying 2005 trailblazer with NOT shift. He says it is stuck in Neutral. What could the problem be and where should he have it towed?

ANSWER: It could be anything from something simple like the shifter cable breaking or coming loose, or even a bad shifter. It could also be something terminal inside the transmission. A problem like this should really be looked at by a dealership technician. If it is an internal transmission problem, it can get quite expensive to repair and you want the right guy doing the job.

One other quick note, if it is a four wheel drive Trailblazer you may want to make sure that the transfer case is not in neutral, as that could have happened accidentally by mis-using the 4WD switch. That’s an easy fix, just put the shifter in neutral with the vehicle running, and turn the 4WD switch back to 2WD or 4WD to take the transfer case out of neutral. This may not be the problem, but it’s a good first check.