Jeep ABS And Rear Brake Lights Problems

I was driving with my emergency brakes up and my ABS light came on. I checked and my brakes fluid was low I put some in but the light is still coming on.

So, you were driving with the emergency brakes applied?

It was up.

The ABS light doesn’t have anything to do with fluid level in the master cylinder. What kind of vehicle do you have?

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

You probably have a bad wheel speed sensor, you would need to get the Jeep scanned to see what trouble code it has so you can tell which wheel has the problem.

I had gotten it cleaned before, when this happened.

What did you get cleaned?

The sensor,he told me it was dirty.

You have 3 or 4 different sensors depending on your style of ABS, was just one cleaned or all of them?

Just one.

Well, like I said earlier, you would really need to get it scanned to see which one is giving you trouble and go from there, either replacing it or cleaning it out, although I would recommend replacement.

How much do they cost?

That depends if you need just a sensor or the entire wheel hub assembly, it can run anywhere from $100 to $400 and up.

OK thank you very much !

2006 Jeep Liberty

The rear bottom brake lights not working but top brake light is.This is on a 2006 jeep liberty 4WD, 3.7l,6 cylinder.I have already replaced the stop light switch and that did not fix the problem.

Did you check the brake light bulbs?

Yes brake lights are fine.

Have you checked for power and ground back at the brake light sockets?

Yes, I checked that to.

And you have 12 volts when the brakes are applied, and a good ground?

Checked for power and ground but not getting 12 volts,reading are low.

How low. Check for corroded wires on the back of the socket. If that is good, then follow the wires back into the body and look for green or rotted wires.