1995 Cadillac Eldorado Rear Air Shocks And ABS Problems

I have a 1995 Cadillac Eldorado. Recently I had to change the air shocks in the rear of the vehicle. The rear auto air level shocks which is standard on the vehicle was disable by the mechanic as he said it is not necessary to have it. Now the ABS light is on and the traction control is disabled. They tell me these are not things that will cause any problems and I can continue to drive the vehicle. is this true??? or is there a way to reactivate at least the traction cont and ABS system. I don’t understand what those have to do with the shock absorbers.

Do you know how the mechanic disabled the auto leveling system?

He tells me he pulled the plug under the vehicle where the compressor is for the factory air shocks which were removed.

Like I said before he touched the vehicle the computer only said to service air level system. Now it says traction is disabled and ABS light is on. He tells me I can run the vehicle and not worry about those things

The level system should not effect the ABS or traction control. Since the car was low in the back, it is very possible that a wheel speed sensor to one of the rear sensors may have gotten stretched causing the ABS light. This would also cause the traction light. Yes, it is safe to drive this way, but you will not have ABS function when the light is on .

Is it something that may eventually work itself out as the new shocks get worn in. I did notice that the vehicle sits slightly higher with the new shocks.

If a harness was stretched, it could have broken a wire. If not, when the car levels out to where it used to be, it correct itself, but probably not. A scan of the ABS computer would be needed to tell where the problem is for sure.

Ok I see. The vehicle does not sit a lot higher but more of the wheel is exposed in the wheel well now than before. Mind you the shocks that were removed were originals. I am not so worried about the air ride disabled but the other stuff I am.

Rear Shocks

If original shocks were put back on, why is the system still disabled? Or are these regular shocks?

Originals were the ones he took off. The new ones are air shocks as well but they need air put in manually he tells me and not from the compressor that the car has. So he disconnected that and apparently everything else is going haywire now

I see. As explained above, the other warning lights will not compromise the function of the car, except you will not have anti lock brakes.

In your opinion here I guess what I want to know is 1 that he did not mess the vehicle up in any way and 2 if I maybe get the computer scanned that we can clear the codes out for at least the traction control and ABS. I live in PA and winters here are harsh at times so I face bad weather and this vehicle has never let me down. Or my other question is that like I said if I run it for a bit and work the shocks in will the computer recognize this and maybe so to speak correct it itself.

The replacement of the shocks may have damaged a wire. You can try to clear the codes. If it was a temporary problem that happened during the repairs, then it may go off then ABS will be back to normal. Lights may go out after driving it a while- hard to say. All depends on what caused the light in the first place.

Yeah I don’t know what in the hell could have caused it. Neither of those were on when he got the vehicle and I have no idea why he gave it back this way. Good thing I didn’t pay him for the work yet eh.

Be sure to take it back to him. A reputable shop will checked it or at least scan it for free.

Only warning light on before he got the car was the service ride control which is the air ride and I believe that was on due to the bad shocks


Ok well I appreciate the help here and hopefully this won’t be an on going problem. Just reassure me the vehicle is OK to continue driving and I will take it from there I suppose.

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