Dodge Engine Sputters – Failed Smog Test

Live Chat: I have a 1995 dodge Ram, v8 magnum, recently it started to sputter alot while driving, if you drive for about 15 minutes it will start dropping rpms and speed and sputter really bad, if you let it sit for about 30 minutes its fine, it has all fluids and gas….does anyone know any possibilities for what it might be?

I really need some help and answers to this problem.

Answer: It sure sounds like you have a problem after the truck gets warm. Usually this is either an ignition component or a sensor problem. Possible items could be a faulty ignition module, a bad coil, ignition wire, etc. Sensors that usually get affected by heat are crankshaft sensors, cam sensors and the like. A scanner would come in handy here if you have one or can get one.

During a test drive, you can watch the live data on the scanner and when the truck starts to act up you can see which component is dropping out or having trouble. Without that, I would at least recommend getting it scanned for codes to see if there are any and that can help in diagnosis as well.

OK. Thank you for your great information on this problem with my Dodge. I will look into those things.

CAR MONITOR Losing ready status

I have a 2006 dodge charger RT 5.7 I recently got new o2 sensors installed and did a drive cycle after which there was only 1 monitor incomplete for which I thought alright maybe I have to drive some more. Then the next day in the morning when I checked again after completing a drive cycle 3 monitors was INC which I thought was weird but then I thought ok let’s drive some more in the city after which I checked again and now 5 monitors are INC. There are no codes and the MIL is off too.

Please advise how to get all the monitors ready. I need to get a state inspection and so I did that but it happened again after driving for 3 hours yesterday finally all the monitors were ready 0 INC. Just to be sure I shut down the car for 5 mins and checked again still 0 INC. I let the car sit for 5 hours started it again checked again 0 INC so I thought the issue was resolved. Let it sit overnight and went to office in the morning after reaching office I checked again just to be sure and now there’s 4 INC i don’t know why it keeps happening.

Answer: System monitor ready, also know as an Emissions I/M Flag, needs to be run by the computer to check that certain systems are functioning properly. Since you did not specify which ones return incomplete we cannot address that system specifically. Usually the catalytic converter is the hardest to get to run and complete. But in general to get the monitor I/M flags test to run you need to drive under certain conditions. Gas cap tight, fuel level between 1/4 and 3/4, coolant temp normal operating temperature, A/C off, expressway driving with steady throttle for 10 minutes, pull off and shut off for 2 minutes.  Idle car in drive for 2 minutes, shut off for 1 minute, repeat.  Idle in park for 2 minutes, shut off for 1 minute and repeat.

Hello. Can a bad gas cap cause your truck to fail the EVAP test on my vehicle?

Do you mean the state emissions test?


Yes. Most states test the gas cap. If it is not sealing properly, this has the potential of setting a check engine light and codes. This will can also cause fuel vapor to leak to the atmosphere, so the Federal Gov. emissions standards sill make a car fail.

Thank you.

2006 Ram Take Long To Start

Description of Problem: my ’06 Dodge dually takes a while to crank in the morning or late at night only. Finally it starts when its hot outside? I plugged in the grid heater and it started right up in the morning. what is wrong?

Answer: First,  get rid of that tank of fuel and start with a new fresh tank. Also clean out the throttle of sludge and see if this helps.