Ford Explorer Smog Test And Engine Noises

Yes I have to go for an emissions test. What will they be looking for?

What year is your vehicle?

It’s a 1999 Ford Explorer.

Alright, usually with vehicles 1996 and newer, the emissions facility will just plug into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and see if there are any trouble codes stored or failures present. They may also check the gas cap to see if it seals correctly. They will also check to make sure your check engine light is functional.

Has there been any problems with 99 explorers for these types of tests?

Not with failing emissions, it would all depend on the condition of your particular vehicle, if the check engine light is on, etc.

Okay thank you.

2002 Ford Explorer No Acceleration

Hello my ford explorer sport trac has no power. It has no acceleration. It has new wires and plugs and fuel filter but is skipping badly. It also reads random misfire when hooked to a meter.

Well since it is misfiring, you could have either a faulty fuel injector or a broken or fouled spark plug causing that problem.

Plugs are brand new and there is no acceleration.

Was this problem happening before the repairs were made?

The tune up was done a couple months ago but the problem started 3 days ago.

Ok then it probably is not related to the previous repairs unless something like a wire came loose or the like. You could be experiencing a problem due to a bad fuel injector then, but that would require some testing to be sure.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer

It started ticking suddenly. What could it be and seems low on oil , but oil changed 3 weeks ago.  The motor just started ticking suddenly.

It could be a valvetrain problem, loss of oil pressure, or a deeper mechanical engine problem….have you checked the oil level?

Yes, oil seems lower than it should be , it ran fine all day before this.

Check for an oil leak first off and top off the oil to see if the noise goes away.

This is awesome HELP online THANK YOU very much!

You’re Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

2010 Ford Fusion

It was showing a code about the check fuel inlet cap has been come on. Is this something that a dealer needs to repair ?

Your Fusion should still be under warranty being a 2010 model. But the most common thing is a loose gas cap. I would recommend checking that first to save a trip to the dealer if need be.