2004 Toyota Tundra Loosing Battery Power and Gauges

Yes, hi I was driving and radio went off, dashboard dimmed, gauges all fell, speedometer when up and down then stopped at 0, lights dimmed, truck kept almost stopping. turned off lights and windshield wipers, then truck surged on, then after 1 mile or so it finally quit. turned it back on and lights on but engine will not turn, like battery is weak or starter or something, alternator. help.

Had you noticed the battery light on or volt gauge being low prior to the problem happening?

Oh, truck is 2004 Toyota Tundra V8 with 33000 miles.

No, didn’t notice.

Have you tried jump starting the truck as of yet?

New battery less than 1 month ago.


I would try and see if the truck takes a jump, just to determine that the starter is still good and the truck will fire with the boost. If so, it could either be the new battery that has failed, or the alternator went out and you finally ran out of battery power while you were driving.

The battery would need to be load tested to determine if it’s still good, and the alternator would need to be checked out too.

Thank you.

2001 Toyota Highlander

Truck has developed an odor (like gas or oil) when i turn on the heater. I have had the check engine light come on before but it will go out if I take off the gas cap and twist it back on. Any ideas?

It’s possible you could have an oil leak and be burning it on the engine, and when you turn the heater you are getting that odor through the cabin.

There is no oil leaking under it. I did just have oil changed about a week ago and they did not mention an oil leak.

Had this problem started before or after the oil change?

Before that.

Well, to get a smell like that in the cabin, it has to be coming from the engine compartment. You could have oily residue on the engine and not an actual leak. Something is burning somewhere, you just have to find it.

Toyota RAV4

Truck that will start but won’t come out of park?

Mechanic JK:
What year is your Toyota?


OK. The truck has a shift locking mechanism to prevent it from coming out of park if the brake pedal is not pressed. With the truck running, press the brake pedal and see if you hear any kind of click from around the shifter area.

No click

OK. There should have been the click of the solenoid that released the shifter. Is is a steering column or floor shifter?