Chevy Lumina Hard To Shift Gears

I have a 1997 Chevy Lumina. Last couple days I was having trouble shifting into gear – park to neutal to drive. Very hard to pull. I took the car to several mechanics who said it was the transmission – cable. So, I had it replaced, mechanic said the old cable was locked up causing the problem Then he asked me if I had trouble shifting the steering and I said Yes, that’s what brought me in… He really did not address my concern which was the steering shifting into drive or reverse… then after I paid him he said that maybe it was the steering column.

Ok, do you have a column-shift or floor shift?

The shift is on the steering wheel. I think they missed the boat on this because when I got back into the car it became harder and harder to shift over the last two hours…

Well, if the cable was replaced and you still have the problem then yes, it can be an issue with the steering column or actual shifter on the column. I would concentrate in that area, I don’t think you have a transmission problem or bent linkage/shift rod.

So, Worse case scenario, what would have to be replaced? approximate Cost? And how safe is the car to drive the next couple of days?

The actual shifter or lower bowl on the steering column can be binding and causing your problem.

Well, worst case scenario you would have to replace the entire steering column, say if a weld was broken or some other issue. Otherwise, the column does have to be disassembled to get access to the lower bowl and shifter and either replaced or fixed.

i was in a car accident 3 weeks ago. I was hit by a truck and pushed into another truck while sitting in traffic. I wonder if this caused an issue with the steering column?

It very well could have, or bent something out of alignment where the actual shift linkage is tighter than normal.

How safe is my car now with the steering column tightness ?

Well, personally I would drive it as little as possible. You don’t want something coming loose or breaking off and then not having control of the car.

OMG – what could come loose or fall off?

If the shift cable came off, or if there is actual damage to the metal of the column and it breaks loose, that can be trouble.

I will take it tomorrow to get fixed – hopefully I won’t spend more than $800.00.

It should not be that expensive, even if the column needs replaced.

You were a great help!

Thank you very much, glad to help.

2005 Chevy Trailblazer

The reverse gear stopped working on me as soon as i parked. What could be the issue?

So, it won’t move at all in reverse now?

No. it moves forward but reverse still don’t work.

Well, I would say something inside the transmission has broken, possibly a reverse band.

I’ts makes a grinding sound when i start my truck

The transmission will probably have to come out, be disassembled and repaired.

What about my 3rd gear it takes a little bit for it to kick in

Again, you have internal transmission failures, it would have to be removed and taken apart to find out the exact cause. Most likely a rebuild would be in order.

Thank you.