Check Engine and Battery Light on My 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

Ignition switch causing car to not start or electricla problems.

I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu with a lot of problems, first off last year in November it jumped time and i made the repairs to get the car back running but now my engine light is on, oil light is on and the battery. Light is on, went to crank it the other day and now it won’t start and I can’t get in the car because all The doors have locked and i only have one key, because the other key broke off in the driver door sometime ago and i have not got the lock fixed yet, but if i get another battery to put into the key fob, will the doors unlock, and I know I will have to get the lock fixed, can you please help me with these problems I am having with this car?

I would recommend getting the car scanned to see what trouble codes are stored, and then go from there with diagnosis. Like I said, get the car scanned to find out what codes you have. The key being broken in the door is no concern. Are you saying you’re locked out of the car right now? A new battery in the FOB remote may require it need to be programmed. You  may have a bad body control module (BCM) or ignition switch.

Thank you.

How to check transmission fluid on 2004 Chevy Malibu.

Is your Malibu equipped with a transmission that does not have an indicator dipstick?


OK then, to check the fluid level is a bit more difficult then. There is a plug on the right side of the transmission, on the housing where the right hand axle comes out. You need to remove this plug, with the engine and trans hot. With the plug out, add transmission fluid to the fill hole until it starts to come out of the plug hole, then you know it is full.

Is the cap on the driver side and is it a red cap?

Yes that is the fill cap, where you add fluid.

What type of transmission fluid?

You can use the latest Dexron VI transmission fluid for your car.

Thank you.

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