1995 Buick Lesabre Is Loosing Engine Power

I have a 1995 Buick Lesabre and its cutting all power sometimes when turning and at a little incline.

Cutting power how? Electrical power? Or engine power?

Engine power it just dies the only engine light on is the abs light.

And this only happens when turning the wheels on a slight incline?

No when going straight and turning.

I’d start by checking for any wiring harnesses that might be getting pulled or stretched during engine movement, or turning. Also check for any loose connections at critical points such as battery terminals, alternator, starter, chassis and engine grounds, computer, fuse block, etc. It seems as if something like a wiring issue is to blame.

Do you think a machine will tell us what is going wrong.

I assume you mean a scanner. That would only help if you have trouble codes stored, but it couldn’t hurt to check and see.

Where can i find a how to video on changing the cradle mounts or bushings on a 96 Buick lesabre. Cant afford to have them done.

I am not sure about where a video might be online, but it isn’t that hard a repair. I can walk you through the instructions here if you like.

I know how to do it but am concerned about getting the car off the ground. will 4 by 4’s and a jack work?

You would have to get the car up fairly high since the subframe has to be lowered enough to change the upper portion of the mount. I would recommend at least a jack and some decent jack stands.

Thanks a lot. Looks like you know your stuff from the replies you have given others and i will take your advice. Have a good evening.

Thank you as well, and good luck with your repair!

2004 Buick Lesabre transmission sometimes seems to slam into gear.I had the Transmission flushed and fluid replaced but it still happens sometimes.

If the problem only happens some of the time, then you have an internal problem in the transmission. Have the computer scanned for codes. There are many transmission problems that will set a code, but not turn on the check engine light. You could have a bad shift solenoid, pressure control solenoid, sticking valve or vavle body problem.

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