2004 Buick Century Heater and Wipers Stopped Working

I have a 2004 Buick Century and all of a sudden the power windows, heater and wiper blade arms stopped working. There is also no power to the radio or windows when the vehicle is in the accessories. I tried to check the fuses and can’t seem to find anything that is wrong.

You have a faulty ignition switch. Power is not getting directed as it should in certain modes, which is causing your problem. Replace the ignition switch and you’ll be good to go.

Okay that’s what i thought it may be. Thanks pro tech for your help. I  am having it looked at tomorrow morning.

Yes I’ve seen it hundreds of times on all the GM ‘W’ body cars. Very common problem. No problem, have a nice night.

Where abouts is the ignition switch protech?

It is located with the ignition cylinder obviously. The ignition cylinder and housing slide into the ignition switch. Easily replaceable with removal of some dash panels and electrical connectors.

Thanks a lot !

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