2000 Oldsmobile Intrique Won’t Crank When I Turn The Key

Ignition switch causing car to not start or electricla problems.

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My 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue does nothing once I turn the key!?

ProTech: Is the battery dead?

No new battery, and I have power till I turn the key…

A common problem with your car is the ignition switch. Power is not getting directed through the switch as it should. You can try tapping on the key or jiggling it back and forth to try and make a connection. If you do get it started, then you know you will need a new ignition switch. If not, I would still concentrate in that area and also possibly check the starter relay and/or see if you’re getting power at the starter when turn the key to crank.

I think its the TDS. I’m reading a lot of people having this problem!

Does your security light stay on?

That’s what i need to check now. I’m not sure.

If it is, there is a theft system relarn procedure that can be done. It may get your Oldsmobile to start for the time being, but eventually will not start again until the problem is repaired.

Thank you for your time !Oldsmobile ignition switch causing car to not start.