2000 Oldsmobile Alero Won’t Go When Hitting The Gas

I changed the mass airflow sensor and o2 sensor in my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero but when I crank it up it runs till I push the gas. What is the problem?

Would you know?

Mechanic JK:
Hi Jerry. Can you clarify your problem. What do you mean when you say it runs till you push the gas?

You can crank it up but when you mash the gas it cuts off.

Does the engine shut off completely or does it just loose power?

Engine shut off completely.

OK. Then this does not sound like a sensor problem. Did you have a check engine light for the sensors you replaced or was that just a guess? If the engine light is on, do you know what codes are stored?

Well the check engine light is on and got it tested and it said it was the codes for the o2 sensor.

Could it be the fuel filter or MAP sensor?

OK. Well those codes or the sensor would not cause the engine to shut off. An oxygen sensor code may cause it to run poorly, but not stall. If there was also a Mass Airflow (MAF) code, this may point to a plugged catalytic convertor, but that will usually cause poor acceleration and lack of power, not a stalling of the engine.

A plugged fuel filter or MAP sensor would also cause a lack of power, not a total engine shut down. Again, does the engine just shut right off, or just loose power?

So what do you think the problem is.

What engine size?

3.4L v6.

If the engine just totally shuts off, you could have a loose connection under the hood, loose battery cables, or a bad ignition switch.

OK will check that and see.

Good luck !