Oldsmobile Silhouette Belt Pulley Replacement

I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette and the main drive pulley appears to have a sleeve on it (the grooved part of pulley) and it popped off how do I put it back on or does it need replaced.

Just so I am clear. You have the pulley off the car and the sleeve has come loose?

No, pulley is on van still just the sleeve came off and only 2″ to swing hammer so I have not been able to put it back on thought about taking pulley off and do it outside but not a car guy. Don’t want to pull something out that I may not be able to put back.

OK. I think you are talking about the grooved portion of the pulley that is where the belt rides on. No, that cannot be replaced separately. The pulley must be replaced as a unit.

So can I just pop the bolt out take the pulley get a new one and just put it back or is it like timing or something i can mess up ?

Well, actually it is a little more difficult than that. There is a special pulley puller tool to remove it. This is done through the wheel well. The pulley is pressed on and cannot just be slid off. Once that is done, a few taps with a hammer to get it started back on the crankshaft, then tightening it will press it back on. There is no relation to the engine timing.

Ok thank you very much.

1997 Geo Metro 4cylinder crank shaft pulley has wobble. Any ideas what could be the cause?

The crankshaft pulley is also the harmonic balancer, which has a rubber ring between the steel halves. If the rubber dry rots or becomes worn out, the pulley will wobble, make noise, or seem loose. You just need to replace it and your problem should be solved.

Thank you.