High Beam Indicator On The Dash Of My GMC 2500

Why is the high beam light on in the dash of my 2004 GMC 2500 pick up when the truck is off and the high beam lever is off.

You’re probably looking at a short in the headlamp wiring somewhere, or even possibly a faulty instrument cluster.

Every thing else works fine. I just pulled the fuses and the really for both the high and low beams and the light on the dash is still on.

I’d concentrate in the headlamp switch area and cluster area. It could be a bad switch as well. Try unplugging the headlamp switch and see what happens then.

Thanks, the thing i don’t get is how there is still power to the light in the dash with out the fuses, and what switch are you talking about. The turn signal lever/high beam lever?

You’re removing power past the switch/cluster area, if there is a short at or before that point, removing the fuses, etc will not make the problem go away. The switch I am talking about is the actual headlamp switch in the lower left of the dash.

That makes sense, i do a lot of towing and i have hear that trailer lights make that switch go bad.

Yes it is an extra load on the switch with added lights and wiring.

Well thank you i hope that will fix the problem.

Glad to help, have a nice night.

Electrical Problems

We have a 1996 GMC Sierra truck. At times, the radio goes off, the gauges will not work and the headlights dim. Is there a ground wire that might be associated with this?

Yes. There are several on the engine and inner fender wells. Look for and trace the black wires going from the battery and engine harnesses to the engine block and fenders. There is also a ground that is hard to see. It is on the rear of the passenger side cylinder head. Reach down between the firewall and the top of the engine and you may find a small black wire that bolts straight down. Give that a little tug to see if it breaks. If it does, repair it too see if that fixes all your electrical problems.

If all seems to be going. You may have a bad ignition switch. That feeds power to most of the truck electrical systems. They tend to go bad and not deliver enough voltage and cause weird problems.