Jeep Cherokee No Fuel Pressure – Clicking In Dash

I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 and I’m hearing a clicking/turning noise from the dash and in the console where the heat/ac is. I’m not sure exactly where it is coming from but if someone could tell me what the problem maybe please let me know! Thank you.

Sounds like one of the heater and air conditioning system door motor actuators is noisy. These actuators move the different doors in the dash depending on how you set the HVAC system. There is one for the temperature door that switches from hot cold.

Another motor controls what is called the motor door – which controls where the airflow comes from – vent, floor, defroster.

Play with the A/C heater controls little bit changing the temperature and the airflow position to see if the noise changes. That would give an indication as to which motor is noisy. Normally they make noise because they cannot find the correct position that the HVAC control head wants to put it in.

You could try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, then reconnecting, then starting the truck and let it run for a few minutes before you touch any of the controls to see if maybe it will reset itself.

No Fuel Pressure

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that wont start. I’ve changed the fuel pump,the crank shaft position sensor,the relays,and checked the fuses and the fuel pump is still not kicking on.

If you are sure this is a fuel pump not turning on, then you need to stop guessing at replacing parts. You need a test light to check for power and ground at the fuel pump connector. Don’t forget the ground. If not, you then need to see if you have spark. If you do not have pressure or spark, then you are looking at a problem where the computer does not see the engine turning, so it will not turn these systems on.

If you do have spark, then it is strictly a fuel pressure problem. You are going to need a schematic to trace the wiring from the relay, checking it for power in and out. It that is OK, the problem is a bad wires between the really and the tank. If not, then it is before the relay.

My 2001 jeep grand Cherokee won’t start after starter replacement. Wouldn’t start with old one. Starter is good. Have to start it from underneath my truck and turn key at same time. What’s wrong?

Answer: Not sure what you mean that you have to be under truck to get it to start. Are you moving cables around or something? If so, then you have a loose connection somewhere to the starter.