Dodge Van Engine Goes To Hot Mark On Gauge

Engine gets hot. Gauge goes to the hot line. Radiator and top hose not getting hot, but top hose feels under pressure and no thermostat.

Mechanic JK:
What make model and year vehicle is this? There is no thermostat in the engine?

1995 dodge van 360 engine

Was the thermostat taken out to try to fix this problem?


OK. With no thermostat and the engine overheating, but pressure in the hose. This sounds like there is no circulation. Does the heater blow hot or cold?

Didn’t try heater. But vent was not hot at all and engine really hot .

Assuming the coolant is full, you have a problem of no circulation. That is why there is no heat but hose has pressure. Either the impeller broke off the inside of the water pump (not very common), a plugged radiator or you have a blown headgasket. This will cause air pockets in the cooling system and not allow the coolant to flow. You need to remove the spark plugs and inspect them for signs of burning antifreeze.

Would I get the same result by looking at the oil being milky?

That is one sign of a blown head gasket, but not always the case. With what is going on with your truck, it is more likely you will see air bubbles in the antifreeze with the engine running. But be VERY careful removing the radiator cap if there is pressure and the engine is running hot. The coolant could come boiling out if you remove the cap when hot.

And if i see bubbles that would be air pockets or burning antifreeze?

That would be air pockets from a blown head gasket pumping combustion into the cooling system.

One last question. if no bubbles and no burnt antifreeze. is it a plugged radiator.

That is possible. You would have to check it for restricted flow.

Thanks car truck info dude :)

Can I use another cylinder other than number one to get top dead center on a 2002 dodge caravan 3.0L. Number one is very hard to access.

Answer: Not, not really. The only other way is to find out which cylinder is opposite and on the top dead center exhaust. That way #1 is on top center intake. But you have to be careful or you will be 180 degree off if you do it wrong.

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