Saturn Ion Timing Chain- Car Won’t Start

I replaced the timing chain on my 2005 Saturn Ion why is it still turning over really fast?

Are you sure the timing was set correctly?

Yes, but It’s like it don’t have compression.

Can I ask why you replaced the timing chain? Was it for that problem?

The crankshaft gear broke so I bought the whole kit and replaced everything.

Well sad to say if that happened while the engine was running you probably put a valve or valves through one or more pistons. You have an ‘interference’ engine, where if the timing is off, either due to the chain breaking, skipping, or a gear breaking off, then the pistons hit the valves in the cylinder head. You probably did all that work for nothing. You will at the very least need a new cylinder head, and if pistons are damaged you might as well get a new engine. Not the news you wanted to hear I’m sure!

Ok thanks for the help.

Your welcome and good luck.

2001 Saturn Won’t Start

2001 GM Saturn won’t start after driving 50 miles for the second time-had car checked out nothing wrong. Any suggestions on if it’s a kill switch problem what to do?-stuck again!! There is no check engine light or codes stored in the computer.

Does the car die out, or just not restart after you turn it off after 50 miles?

Just doesn’t start again.

How long does it take until it actually will start again? Does it need to completely cool down?

Well had it towed and the next day it started right up.

Well unfortunately this is a hard type of problem to diagnose. Do you know if the check engine light comes on when this problem happens?

Don’t think so-had car checked out first time for battery, diagnostics, nothing wrong!!

I think it has to be some sort of lock out system

Yes I can imagine. A technician will actually need the car while it is acting up to properly diagnose a problem like this. I can offer a few tips to check out if you want. It could be something like a fuel pump problem, or fuel delivery issue. An electrical or ignition problem can cause a problem like this. Even a bad computer can do this as well. There is no lock out system on your car, unless an aftermarket one was installed by someone. The only thing would be a security issue, but you should have noticed the security light flashing or staying on all the time when you were trying to restart the car after it wouldn’t fire up.

Well thank you very much it’s my family member stuck-going to have to contact a GM dealer.