2010 Chevy Traverse Timing Chain Replaced 88,000 miles

I have a 2010 Traverse that was purchased brand new by my parents from Chevy dealership. We bought the car from them after passing of my father. We have 88,000 miles on the vehicle and it has been very well maintained with all of the proper oil changes.

Low and behold check engine light comes on and my mechanic tells me the Codes P0008 and P0017 are due to Timing Chain needing to be replaced. He was amazed that it was needed with 88,000 miles. He sent over links about the issues that are known about this 3.6 L engine with both Acadia and Traverse. He said it would have to go to dealer and we would be looking at a cost of about $3500.00.

As I research this issue it seems that this is a known issue and I see that the Acadia owners are receiving letters extending their warranty to 10 years/120,000 miles. I call the dealer…NO GO. I call GM…sorry NO GO. They questioned me on whether or not my mechanic was doing the 172 point check when I bring it in to him…..like that is the reason the Timing Chain went at 88,0000 miles.

This follows 3 months ago my 2013 Chevy Tahoe (bought from Chevy dealer in 2015 who sold me on the 172 point check) with 104,000 miles on it requiring a brand new Transmission. So over the course of 4 months I am supposed to give Chevy over $7000.00 to repair a 2013 Transmission (4000 miles out of warranty) and 2010 Traverse with 88,000 miles just to maintain my vehicles. We are 0-2 with Chevy products. This is so unfortunate because both of these vehicles look fantastic on the outside….but under the cover…they are not well made.

I am open to any suggestions from those that have had similar issue with the 2010 Traverse.