Nissan Sentra Needs Timing Chain

I have been told by the dealership that my 176000 miles 2009 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL needs a timing chain and it will cost me $2500 (parts and labor). Considering the year is it worth replacing or just cut my loss. Also can I trade it in as it is. Do you think the dealership will accept it

Answer: Did the mechanic say you needed a timing chain in your Nissan because it does not run? Or, was the car in for service and they just recommended it because of the miles on the car?

If the car needs a timing chain because it does not run, then you have two choices- pay them or find a cheaper mechanic at a local shop, not the dealer. Without getting it fixed, the car is worth nothing.

If this was just a recommendation, then i would definitively get the car fixed, but at a local shop and not the dealer. You will see significantly cheaper cost for this repair, then at least you have a car that runs. The trade in value wont be much because of the year and mileage, but at least it would be worth something- maybe not even what the repairs will cost though. But you will have a running car that you can use.

Even though it is a 2009 model year Nissan Sentra without knowing the condition of the rest of the car like the transmission, suspicion or the rest of the engine, it woud be hard to say exactly what is the best thing to do.

Nissan Loosing Power

2012 Nissan sentry loses power up hills. Just started. Pushing pedal to floor doesn’t change rpm. When you stop it for a few minutes with engine turned off it works fine for a while.

Answer: Sounds like either a fuel pressure problem accelerator pedal position error or a plugged catalytic converter.

Low fuel pressure caused by a failing pump will cause poor acceleration and struggling to go up a hill or even go faster at all. Have that checked first.

Next check for a restricted catalytic converter. If the exhaust is restricted the engine cannot breathe and will not make any power at all.

Also be sure to have the computer scanned for codes. This may give an indication as to where the problem is. If there are stored trouble codes for the throttle position or accelerator pedal position sensor, this will also cause the problems in your Nissan.