Toyota electronic steering intermittent failure

Toyota corolla 2009 model- suffers electronic power steering intermittent failure. I also notice the radio power fails at the time. Is this an electronic problem?

Answer: Yes, this is an electrical problem. The two problems on your Toyota Corolla may or may not be related.

The electric steering problem may have a recall repair for it. Call your local Toyota dealer, give them the VIN number of your car and they will check if there area ny open recalls. If not, then there could be a problem with the steering control module, a sensor or a power / ground loss to the system. If a power or ground loss, this is where the two could be related.

Many systems on today’s car and trucks share a power supply circuit. The steering and radio may be one of those. Or the radio problem could just be a problem in it itself.

You would really need a wiring schematic and meter to do some diagnostics testing to solve the problems. The hard part of intermittent problems is that the diagnosis needs to be done while it is acting up.