Power Steering Fluid Contaminated With Engine Oil

Ok ..so not all my buddies are all that hip on actual GUY stuff!! I check my fluids, pressure, heater hoses, tires…blah blah. ”Everyday” (well morning). So I’m in a hurry and ask a buddy….. Please go check my oil. Add if needed! So out the door I go. And yes I have to check behind all! Boy am I glad I did! I look to see for spills..etc. Well I notice my power steering cap/dip is cockeyed.

I call out for ”Dick” to come here. I ask him how much oil did she need? He replies…about a half a cup…..yes I immediately drop the line to let it drain. No she has not been turned over since.

My ??? is: After the drain, how do I cleanse the oil(synthetic) out of the lines & pump? And just for kicks…mixing those two chemicals, Is a fire/combustion issue is it not??? Respectfully Yours, Never a dull moment!!! Tanja.

Well Tanja, since you caught the problem right away, there really should not be a problem. That little bit of engine oil in the power steering pump reservoir would not do any harm since the truck was not started and you drained it right away.

Might I say you sound like a real car guys type of girl! Wish mine was so inclined to get dirty and fix my truck !

As for being a fire danger, there is none. Those two fluid would have no sort of reaction to each other like that.

To be safe and make sure you got all the oil out, i would fill it, remove a line, let it drain out again, then start it and bleed the system. Best way to do that is to get the front wheels of the ground and turn the steering wheel 10-15 times with the engine off. This makes bleeding the air from the system so much easier and quicker. Just starting it with air in it makes the the fluid aerated and it gets throughout the system.

Another thing that can be done, but it does not seem you need to, is have a flush service done at any shop or garage. Most places charge about $60 for that service.