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Service vehicle or engine light on the dash of your car or truck? Get all the answers for free from online auto mechanics.

Power Steering Fluid Contaminated With Engine Oil

Ok ..so not all my buddies are all that hip on actual GUY stuff!! I check my fluids, pressure, heater hoses, tires…blah blah. ”Everyday” (well morning). So I’m in a hurry and ask a buddy….. Please go check my oil. Add if needed! So out the door I go. And yes I have to check behind all! Boy am I glad I did! I look…

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Expensive Mechanics Tools Required To Repair Your Vehicle

Here’s a big one that we as mechanics are always unrecognized for…..our tools! The everyday average person has no idea of the equipment and tools needed these days to repair a vehicle. Experienced journeyman technicians can have upwards of $50,000 in tools alone, and sometimes even much higher than that! Everyone usually starts out the same in this field. A small, cheap toolbox, just the…

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Auto Repair Customer Do’s and Dont’s

After writing my last article, I had some thoughts on some other things that the everyday dealership customer should know. When you bring your car into a dealership for repair, their goal is to make you happy. Fixing your car properly, being friendly towards you, and just making your experience there a pleasant one. Everyone at the dealership is there to service the customer. What…

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2007 Chevy Equinox Freon Pressure Problem

2007 Chevy Equinox: HVAC A/C- 1) A/C on/off button not functioning, press to off and system still running as A/C, toggling/pressing repeatedly still no change 2) system ices up (suction hose) when on low fan but doesn’t on high fan? ProTech: Does the compressor come on right away when starting the truck with the A/C button off? A/C compressor does come on right away with…

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Hot Air Blowing From Vents With Air Conditioning On

With the very, very hot temperatures the country has been experiencing lately, especially the Midwest, I thought I would write a bit about how these temperature can affect your car’s air conditioning system. Basically, the hotter it is, the less effective the air conditioning becomes. This can be a real annoyance, since we all like to be cool in the summer. This past week especially,…

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