2007 Chevy Equinox Freon Pressure Problem

Blue Chevy Equinox

2007 Chevy Equinox: HVAC A/C-
1) A/C on/off button not functioning, press to off and system still running as A/C, toggling/pressing repeatedly still no change
2) system ices up (suction hose) when on low fan but doesn’t on high fan?

Does the compressor come on right away when starting the truck with the A/C button off?

A/C compressor does come on right away with button in off position.

OK Then you may have a bad heater A/C control head, or a sticking compressor relay, or a shorted wire somewhere. For the system icing up,. the freon charge is most likely low from a small leak.

Thanks for on/off button answer; I have recharged/recycled freon to hi/lo pressure parameters.

Did you just add freon until the pressures were correct, or did you add the proper amount- like exactly 2.0 lbs.

Freon was taken to correct pressures, leak detector negative.

Well, that is not the best way to add the PROPER level of freon. Just watching the pressure does not give you the correct amount. If you have a restriction in the system, the pressure will go up, but still not the correct amount. A restriction would also cause the icing up.

But wouldn’t the restriction be present at Hi fan as well as Low fan, and not just at Low?

Depending on the amount of freon in the system, the high fan can actually cause a pressure difference in the system. You MUST evacuate and put in the correct amount of freon to start with a properly filled system.

Double-checked on amount used and it was 2#. Full vacuum & recharge with 2# at correct pressures, sorry for the mistype.

OK, then you have a restriction in the system or a bad compressor. What do the high and low pressure do at 2,000 RPM, high blower?

I’ll have to get back to you on that, using computer on lunch (its 12pm here on Guam); how much longer will you be online?

Maybe only 1/2 hour.

We might miss each other in time to do test, as we disconnected to service another vehicle; will try again later & seek clarification; thanks again for your help- will you be back online tomorrow about four hours sooner or there abouts? OK. will try tomorrow, thank you again !

Your welcome.