Car Repair Problems For Mechanics

Car repairs can be tough on a mechanic. Auto repair on cars and trucks for a living can take it’s toll on you. After years of sevicing all makes and models, my head is full of information, specifications, procedures and common problems. Many of which are now useless to me since older cars no lnger come in to the new car dealership for repairs. We also need to keep up with the newest technology as it changes what seems every month.

Aside from that the body takes it’s toll as well. I remember when I was younger it was easy to jump out of bed and get to work ready to go. But now it takes a little time to get motivated. There are times when you say to yourself “wow, i don’t remember that being sore”. Many fellow mechanics have minor injuries and aches and pain they deal with everyday. These things are just part of the job and get worse as time goes on.

Rebuilding engines, crawling under dashboards, staring at service manual schematics and the day to day grind all add up to a job that can be tough but also rewarding. Some customers can see you are in pain working on their car or truck and come over and offer a soda or even to buy lunch. It is nice to be appreciated. Most people have no idea and just want the car fixed and don’t really care or notice a struggling mechanic.

While some people go to work and complain about that ankle sprain after 9 holes of golf. Try smashing your knuckles on an engine after that bolt finally breaks loose. Blood all over. We just have to wrap it up, hope it does not get infected, and get back to work fixing cars. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy car repair, but sometimes you got to wonder how long I can keep going.