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Find answers to questions about your new vehicle from dealership auto mechanics. Learn about the warranty, common problems or how to get the best price.

How To Get Year End Model New Car Deals

Just a quick post to talk about all the year end new car deals. This is a really good time to buy a new car if you’re in the market! The best savings can usually be found from late August to late September at your new car dealer. Plus, with the economy the way it is, this is the time to wheel and deal! New…

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Car Repair Problems For Mechanics

Car repairs can be tough on a mechanic. Auto repair on cars and trucks for a living can take it’s toll on you. After years of sevicing all makes and models, my head is full of information, specifications, procedures and common problems. Many of which are now useless to me since older cars no lnger come in to the new car dealership for repairs. We also…

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How To Make Money On Car Repair

So you want to become an auto mechanic, huh? You want to make good money doing you what you like to do? If you love working on your car or your friends cars, you may think this would be a perfect career choice for you. You think you can make a good living in the auto repair industry. Well, in this article I will give…

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How To Buy A Car Online Without Seeing It First

This article is about the many pitfalls of buying a new or used vehicle without seeing it first. Many people out there are buying vehicles on auction websites, from online ads, and more. This even includes agreeing to purchase a car or truck from a dealership that they have yet to have on hand. That is known as a ‘dealer trade’. Just about all aspects…

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