1997 Pontiac Grand Prix Stalls and Low Coolant Light

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP low coolant light. It has a new fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition module. The car shuts down at speed without warning.  Twice in three days.  The same thing happened both times:

The Low Coolant light is always on – this week, when it shut off like it is supposed to,(a minute or so after the car is started)about 6 miles later the car shut off, on the freeway at 60+MPH.  I pull over and shut the key off for less than a minute and then restart the car and drive off as though nothing happened.  The low coolant light came back on and has stayed on.  It seems that as long as the low coolant light is on, the car will not shut off in mid-drive – but when the light goes off – the car will shut down shortly and need to be restarted.

I would say you have at least two different problems with your vehicle since the low coolant light being on or off will NOT cause the car to die out at speed. Starting off with the easiest solution first, the low coolant light, more than likely you just have a faulty coolant level sensor. The sensor is located in the radiator, on the right side of the vehicle. It is a gray, square looking sensor with a small connector and a spring-type retainer holding it in. It is very easily replaceable and should fix that part of your problem, assuming you don’t actually have a low coolant condition, which you should have checked already.

As for the stalling out while driving and then being able to start right back up, there could be a couple different items causing the problem. First, and most likely, is a faulty crank sensor. The 3.8 engines have notoriously been known for a condition like this when the crank sensor is bad. After the car warms up, or is driven a short distance, it will die out, but be easily re-started and drive fine again after that.
Another common problem would be the ignition module, but you stated that it has been replaced so we’ll assume it is fine. You may also want to check the fuel pressure regulator for an internal leak, check the wiring to and around the computer for any problems, check the battery connections and grounds to make sure they are tight. A computer scan might also be in order just to see if any codes have set from the stalling condition. Should be pretty simple to fix after you can eliminate some common causes.

2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Speeds

Have replaced blower motor and blower motor module on my 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. When I start engine and turn air conditioner on, the blower speed will only work on the high speed and then it takes 10 or 15 seconds or more to start blowing after the engine is started and fan speed is turned to highest speed. It doesn’t blow at all on lower speeds. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

If the common bad blower motor resistor did not fix your problem, and the fan either, this sounds like a n odd problem I have seen a few times. A bad ignition switch may be causing your problems.Ignition switch causing car to not start or electricla problems.

The ignition switch feeds power to all the vehicle systems. If it is putting out low voltage, this is your problem. Usually the blower problem will also have head light or park light problems when adjusting the fan speeds.

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