2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Service Engine Light P1404

The service engine soon light came on and when the diagnostic code registered a P1404 number. What is that? I had the converter changed several months ago because it was plugged.

What year and model vehicle do you have?

2001 Pontiac Gran Prix GT with 3.8L V-6. The EGR valve?

Ok, that code is for the EGR valve, which directs exhaust gases back into the intake path to be re-burned. There is actually a bulletin from General Motors for this particular problem.

How is it fixed? At what estimated cost?

There is an updated PCM calibration to correct this problem. You would need to take your vehicle to a GM dealership so they can re-program your computer. The cost would probably be around $100

Bulletin, just recently?

If the calibration is not for your particular vehicle, then you would need to replace the EGR valve itself. The cost for that, using GM parts would be about $400

Why is this a cost issue if it is a computer program update?

Because your car is no longer in warranty. It is NOT a recall, which would be free of charge. You have to pay for this repair.

What would happen if I just clear the code?

It will come back eventually, plus your car isn’t running properly with the affected valve, and can do further damage if you don’t get it repaired.

Ok, thank you for the information and I will go to my mechanic.

You’re welcome, glad to help! Have a nice night.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

The car will start and die after being drove a long period and will take a hour or so to restart but will start on short trips.

Probably a crank sensor or ignition module…they will act up after the car gets hot and is driven a while…after cooling down it will usually restart fine. The crank position sensor is located behind the crank pulley. Sometimes dumping cold water on the sensor after it dies will cause it to come back on and the car will start right away. Have the computer scanned for codes as well.

Oldsmobile Alero P0404

I have a 2003 Alero with a 3400 engine light came on shows a po404 code changed egr valve and nothing changed runs better with the EGR unplugged any ideas what it could be.

The code you have is for EGR flow. What usually happens is that the port from the EGR valve to the intake manifold get plugged up with carbon deposits. You can remove the EGR valve and throttle body and try cleaning the port out, but sometimes it is so badly clogged that you will need to replace the upper intake manifold.

I was afraid of that but thanks.

Yeah that’s very understandable, and you’re welcome.