1997 Pontiac Grand Am ABS And Check Engine Light

My husband has a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am and the oil, ABS and check engine light came on, there is oil in the car and we just had maintenance work done on it a few months ago, spark plugs, fuel injector, fuel filter changes the whole works. It sounds rough now. what could it be. He put injector fluid in and the ABS and check engine light are now off but the oil light is still on and the car still runs rough wondering what it could be?

Could be a multitude of problems. Bad sensor, wiring, computer, etc. Running rough means it’s misfiring. Could be a bad injector, spark plug or wire, etc. The oil light being on is probably just a bad oil pressure switch.

I was thinking sensor, but the bad oil pressure switch may be it. Would that be something easy to replace for the average Joe or Josephine?

It is a pretty easy replacement. The oil pressure switch is located in the block, a little upward and right of the oil filter area.

2003 Pontiac Grand Am Engine Light

3.4L engine. Check engine light on the dash. ABS BRAKES NOT WORKING, TRAC NOT WORKING.

Ok, first of all you would need to get the car scanned to see what codes are stored. The problem could be causing the ABS and TRAC problems as well, or that could be a whole other issue. Really need the codes to know for sure. If the vehicle is running poorly, that can set all the lights on due to misfires, etc. If your Pontiac is running fine, but the lights are still coming on, then you have a different issue, such as a faulty sensor reading, or possibly a wiring problem. Any of these would need to be checked out, but first as a starting point, get the Grand Am hooked up to a scanner so you can pull the trouble codes out.

1999 Pontic Grand Am Code P0404

Had advance and a auto repair shop check. both cane up w this code. i know it could be a dirty/bad egr valve. light stays on, however, car runs fine and is fine when in idle as well. do not have the money to buy a new egr valve and might have someone who can fix it. question is, the mechanic told me not to worry about it unless i smell fuel at a red light (which i do not) or if i have to go to emissions (which case i will clear code). car does run fine, is this worth even fixing right now?

The code P0404 on your Pontiac is for the EGR position. Something is going wrong internally with the pintle valve and where it should be as related to where the computer is commanding it to be. Usually this is easily fixed by replacing the EGR valve. If you don’t want to replace it right now, that’s up to you. If the pintle inside the EGR valve gets stuck, you will notice the car running very rough or stalling out. Simply clearing the code will NOT get you to pass an emissions test. If the car’s computer has not run and passed all related emission component tests, you will fail when they hook the car up and see that. Best bet is to just fix the car, plain and simple.

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