After New Timing Belt My Honda Prelude Won’t Start

I bought a 1995 Honda Prelude SE from a friend of mine that had let it sit for 8 months because the timing belt snapped. The house it sat at people took vacuum hoses off and clamps and stole the air intake. I replaced everything needed under the hood. I replaced timing belt and some hoses and car turns over but doesn’t start and fuel pump doesnt turn on.

When i turn my key on the D4 light blinks. Can you help me? Car turns over but doesn’t start. The fuel pump doesn’t turn on and the D4 dash light blinks. can you help? please

Answer: Well, first of all, if the timing belt did indeed break while the engine was running prior to your friend letting it sit, you can be sure there is engine damage. You have what is called an ‘interference’ motor where the valves will hit the pistons if the timing is off due to a failed timing belt. You might want to do a compression check to start with just to see what you’re dealing with.

If you have low or zero compression on one or more cylinders, then you know it’s done. You’d have to replace the cylinder head at least and any pistons that have sustained damage. It might not be worth the money.

As for the fuel pump not turning on and the light flashing, that could be another completely different problem, which would add to the cost of repairs. It could be a bad fuel pump, since it sat so long, or just failed wiring somewhere, or mice have gotten to a wiring harness while it was sitting, etc. Lots to look for and check, so unless this car is pristine, you’re probably better off junking it.