Honda Prelude Will Not Start

Hi I have a 1995 Honda Prelude. About a few days ago I started having problems with my rear brake lights. They would not turn off, so I took it in to a repair shop and they replaced the brake light switch. Everything was fine with he lights and everything else and working good. Then all of a sudden one time I went out after work to start my car and turned the key, and nothing happened. Never had a starting problem before this repair was done. So I tried wiggling the wires that connects to the battery and it then it started. A few days later i had to do the same thing and it started right up. Yesterday I went out and my Honda would not start again. So once again I wiggled the wires, but this time it did not start or even crank up at all. We bought a new battery and new connectors for the cables but that did not fix the problem. It still does nothing when turning the key.

Car will not take a jump to get it going and there is no power to get the power windows to go up. I am having it towed to another garage today. Can you please give me some help with diagnosing the problem before that shop rips me off like the first one did.

Answer: Be sure and check the fuse at the positive battery cable. If there is a poor or corroded connection at the terminals, this could be causing your problem. Moving the cables can give it a little better connection. So then there will be enough power to get the starter to turn and all the other electrical parts to work.

If replacing the cable / connector on the cable that you had to wiggle did not fix it, then i would suspect the problem is the other end of the cable. Wiggling it and the repair you did may have moved the other end, causing it to not start. just because you wiggle one end, does not mean you are not moving the other end as well. After the reair, you probably moved that cable a lot, causing the poor connection to get worse on the other end.

The no power to get the windows up is the key. There is more than one wire goes to the hot lead on the battery on your car. The big heavy one goes to the starter the other one goes to the fuse box to run things like power windows and feed the ignition switch etc. Find and connect the wire going to the fuse box and you should be fine. I imagine is will be laying there somewhere near the battery. IF you cannot find it send me several detailed picks of the engine bay near the battery and underhood fuse box and I will try and spot it for you.

Honda Accord

Had the battery and starter replaced in my Honda Accord to fix a problem of it not starting some times. After a few weeks it started doing it again. Is the problem above with the Prelude possible the same for my car. Or is there a different solution. I pad the mechanic over $700 already and don’t really have more money to throw at it without getting some more ideas of a probable cause.

Answer: Yes, it could be the same problem on your car too. Check the cables to see if you can get the car to act up or correct the condition, then you know where the problem is.

Honda Accord Engine Light Codes

Car has check engine light with transmission codes indicating connector wiring problem to solenoid valve assembly. Can I drive it for a day before going to a mechanic?

Answer: Yes you can drive it. It’s most likely just a problem with the emissions system and that won’t affect driveability any.

Codes are p0760, P0755, P0765, P0750, P7043, P0700 from Autozone machine.

OK those are transmission codes. You may not want to drive it long with that kind of a problem. You are basically looking at internal transmission problems with the codes you have.

Oooh – light was on yesterday but is off today. could it be a loose connection? Would the acceleration be jumpy or the trans make irregular sounds?

Depends on the problem, but yes, either of those can be a symptom.