Honda Accord Bogs When Started

Hey. I have changed my Honda Accord cylinder head recently due to cam shaft breaking. The repairs went well.

So instead of doing all the little things needed for this ob i went and pulled off an old head from the same car in a junk yard. I also replaced the distributor, plug wires and spark plugs.

I replaced the timing belt with a new one and put it all back on timing correctly.

My question is why is it running bad and bogs down really bad even when I give it gas. It wont go passed 2 grand RPM and shakes and back fires. Then if I let it get to 2 RPM and let off it just dies out on me then is hard to start back up.

If I let the engine idle without giving it any gas it stays started but it bogs down up and down and just sounds bad. If I could post a video I took that is what I would do.

Any ideas of what will fix my Honda?

Answer: Could be the wrong cylinder head and the cam profile is different from the original. Is the check engine light on? Double check the timing.

Some debre may have gotten into the catalytic converter and now it is partially plugged. Have an exhaust back pressure test done to test for this.

Honda Accord Takes long Time To Start

I have 2001 Honda Accord. I will crank my car over for like 10 seconds before it finally starts up. After it starts it runs fine for rest of the day. I recently have replaced the spark plugs and wires, then I replaced the distributor cap. It was working good after that repair for a few weeks but now the same problem is happening. What can I do to fix my Honda?

Answer: Sounds like a fuel pressure problem. When you first crank it over the fuel pressure my not be high enough to get it to start. But keep cranking and it will build higher so that the car starts.

To confirm this you would need to instill a gauge and watch for the pressure top be low at first and then build up as it cranks.

Check for a restricted filter. If that is good then i would suspect a weak fuel pump.

Also have the computer scanned for trouble codes as this would give an indication of a sensor problem. Possible a coolant temperature sensor of throttle position sensor.

If there is a throttle code, be sure to clean all the carbon from with carb or brake cleaner it then takes it for a drive and blow it out real good.

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