Honda Accord bogs when started and wont go over 2 grand

Hey I have changed my head recently due to cam shaft breaking.

So instead of doing all the little things i went and pulled off an old head in a junk yard. I replaced distributor and wires and spark plugs.

I replaced timing belt and put it all back on timing correctly.

My question is why is it running bad and bogs down really bad even when i give it gas it wont go passed 2 grand and shakes and back fires and then if i let it get to 2 grand and let off it just dies.

If i let it idle without giving it gas it stays started but it bogs down up and down and just sounds off. If i could post a video I would…

Any ideas?

Answer: Could be the wrong cylinder head and the cam profile is different from the original.

Some debre may have gotten into the catalytic converter and now is partially plugged.

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