Honda Civic Transmission Acting Up

Hello I have a 2002 Honda Civic hx manual transmission that has been giving me some problems. If I don’t shift the gears early it will sputter and Jerk. Also it will not go over 60 mph or it will do the same thing.

Answer: It sounds like your Honda has an engine problem not a transmission problem.

The engine sputtering and jerking is usually caused by an ignition problem. Possible bad spark plugs, spark plug wires or an ignition coil breaking down. Under heavy engine load, the ignition system is stressed. Corrosion on plug wires, worn plugs or weak coil will cause misfires. I would suggest the first thing to do is get a complete tune-up and have the computer scanned for any stored codes.

If that does not help, the next things i would look at are a plugged catalytic converter or low fuel pressure. Both of these things can cause engine misfire, lack of power and engine not able to rev high enough.

Low fuel pressure can be caused by a plugged fuel filter or a weak fuel pump.

A plugged catalytic converter can be just because is has a lot of miles on it or something else caused it to fail. common causes are en engine with a misfire so raw unburned gas is burning inside the converter with melts the chemicals inside. There is a backpressure test that can be done to check for a plugged catalytic converter on your Honda.

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