1998 Honda Civic Runs Bad- Code P0172 Fuel Trim Rich Bank 1

Live Chat: 1998 Honda Civic LX D16Y7 195k Automatic. Initially had a rough/surging idle problem, cleaned throttle body, injectors are good, new spark plugs, IAC valve good. Car idles fine but running conditions are crap. Loses power at seemingly random times. Finally ran diagnostic tool and came back with P0172 System Too Rich (Bank .1). Previously threw a P1456 But that has since gone away and not returned.

Freeze Frame Data is as follows Throttle Position: 9.8% Engine RPM: 1261 Load Value: 19.6% Map Sensor: 21 KPA Coolant Temp: 197 Degrees F (Water Pump issue [resolved]) Intake Air Temp: 109 Degrees F Short Term Fuel Trim (1): o.o% Long Term Fuel Trim (1): 3.9% Short Term Fuel Trim(3): -100.6% Long Term Fuel Trim(3): -100.6% Speed: 34 MPH Fuel System: Open 1 Fuel System 2: N/A I am absolutely stupified and don’t want to spend more money replacing parts that don’t need it. I almost threw away $170 on an IAC valve that I didn’t need. Please!!!!! HELP!!!!!

If those fuel trim readings are correct (-100.6%) then you have an extremely rich mixture. Something is just dumping fuel into the system or you’re getting absolutely no air into the combustion mixture. I notice you say the injectors are good, but how do you know?

What testing was done on them. This type of problem is usually a fuel injector that is stuck open and just dumping fuel at all times. You might want to check that out again. Otherwise, look for anything restricting airflow including a clogged catalytic converter.

Honda Civic Warning Lights

I need some help on my Honda Civic 2007 Sedan. I have ABS Light, Brake/Parking Light and Engine Light on my dashboard. Also No temperature indicator. I have tried connecting two different OBD2 scanner. But It just say Can not established the link to DLC. I have checked all fuses under dash and under the hood. All are fine. Also checked power ON OBD 2 connector between PIn 4 and Pin 16. It shows 12V. How can I find the code for my Car. I have tried shorting pin 4 and 9 as well but no codes coming.(FYI: I have after market Compustart Car starter installed. is it the problem?).

ANSWER: If you cannot communicate with the OBD connector, then there may be a problem with the ECM. You have 12 V, you shorted the terminals and the two scanners cant connect. You are going to need to check continuity from the connector to the ECM for an open or a short. I would disconnect the remote starter because it may be wired in causing a problem.

Honda Civic Wont Turn Over

Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me with my car. I was suppose to move to Georgia yesterday and my car started acting up Sunday evening. It’s a 2014 Honda Civic push start. When I try to turn it on it goes straight to accessory mode doesn’t even make a sound like it wants to turn over. I’ve tried jump starting it, I charged the battery, checked most of the fuses and sensors they all looked good. I resented the computer system. I tried googling it and YouTubing it and couldn’t find anything helpful.