1993 Toyota Camry Won’t Start- Corolla Won’t Crank

I have a 1993 Toyota Camry. I took my bf to work one morning turned off car while waiting for his boss. When i went to start the car it wouldn’t start. Let sit for 10 min. pushed gas one time and started the car. drove home. That night went to work. next morning went to start car. would not start. it turns over like it is going to start but doesnt.

My bf changed the engine main relay and it started. I drove it home. On the way while driving the gas pedal went lip and was not working. He giggled the engine main relay and we continued home as normal. Car is home and will not turn on again. We have two engine main relays. One of them makes the fan run even when the car is off and the key is not in the ignition. Please i need some help.

It sounds like the problem with your car is the box the relay plugs into. Everytime you do something there it cranks and starts. You are going to have to tighten the terminals the relay plugs into or take the panel apart to look for burned or corroded wires. That would also explain why the fans run, although that could be because of a incorrect part.

Toyota Corolla Won’t Crank

Car does not turn on at all. The battery is only 2 months old. When I turn on the ignition key on, no dashboard light come on. Furthermore when I try to put the gear i neutral to try starting in neutral, gear does not go into neutral. What may be the problem? Car Details: 95 Toyota Corolla 1.6L DX.

You have a wiring problem in your Toyota causing it to now crank or start. Possibly the ignition switch is bad. That is what powers up  most of the vehicles systems. That could be why you have no dash lights and it will not crank. First check all the fuses. Wiggle the relays. Look for any loose connections. If all looks OK, you are going to have to do some testing with a test light to see where you are not getting power to.

Fuel Pump Relay

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1977 toyota Celica hatchback.

It is actually a resistor and is located on the inner side of the right front fender, in the engine compartment.


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