Toyota Camry Clicks Won’t Start

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry, went out to start the car for school and it started right up no problems or anything. Once I was driving I tried to plug in my inverter so I could plug my wall cell charger in and all my inverter would do was beep saying there was a fault. Got back home turned car off.

Went back outside about an hour later to leave and all it would do it a fast clicking noise. Moved battery cable around jumped it off and was good till yesterday. Didnt have any trouble with it all day till yesterday afternoon. Went out to leave and again clicking noise. Jumped it off today and left it running for about 1hr and30 minutes including driving it and idling. Turned it off tried to restart it and just clicking again. PLEASE HELP!!!! Only vehicle and have to get my son back and forth to school.

Answer: Plugging the power inverter into your Toyota Camry just added an extra electrical load to the system. Not to say that caused the problem, but may have enhanced a problem. The problem being a bad battery terminal connection.

When you say you moved the cables around, i assume you mean the battery cables. That would mean that there is a bad connector on the battery cable at the battery. Jump starting the car can give enough voltage and amperage to get through a bad connection, but then when trying to start it normally without a jump, a weak battery cannot give enough to overcome a bad connection.

A bad connection adds resistance to the circuit and that does  not allow enough voltage or amperage to get to the starter. A jump start can overcome that resistance.

I would have the battery load tested, and get the cable connectors replaced. It does sound like the alternator is good, so just concentrate on the battery and cables.

Toyota Camry Lost Power And Wont Start

I was trying to get the freeway when I was no longer able to accelerate. I turned off the car and then was car would not start after that. I towed the car home and replaced the battery and alternator since they failed testing. The starter failed testing and is next to be replaced. Is there any other possible issue I could have with the car? I’ve hear fuel pump or fuel filter could have been a cause also.

ANSWER: If the car is cranking over just fine, but wont start, then the starter is fine. It would not cause the car to stall anyway.

If the car would not accelerate, then yes, this could be a fuel pressure problem caused by a failed fuel pump or plugged fuel filter. You would need to test fuel pressure when trying to start it to confirm. An ignition system problem would also cause the same issues, but fuel pressure is most common.