Nissan Altima PCV valve

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I replaced a PCV valve on my wifes 2002 Nissan  Altima. and now it smokes out the exhaust when i start it up. when i drive it down the road and it warms up it stops smoking. It did not do this with the old PCV valve in it.

Answer: You did not tell us the reason you replaced it. Was it trying to repair some problem or just a maintenance replacement on your Nissan? There are several possibilities for this problem.

  1. The valve is the wrong one. The orifice is the incorrect size and allowing oil to get into the combustion chambers.
  2. The valve was installed incorrectly.
  3. The now working PCV valve is allowing the underlying problem to show up. If the engine has an oil burning problem, it may have gummed up the old one so it was not working, but now the new one is showing you the original problem.

Some causes of the engine burning oil are worn piston rings or dried out / worn valve seals. These can cause Oil to contaminate the old valve so it was always stuck closed.

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